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Ted Weckel, Attorney at Law generally only does stepparent adoptions. These take place when a parent marries another person and the new spouse wishes to adopt the children of the previous relationship. The other biological parent can consent to terminate his or her parental rights, and in so doing, has no right to have a continued relationship with his or her children but also has no responsibilities, such as child support.

At our firm, Ted has more than 28 years of in-depth legal experience. As a result, he and our legal team are deeply familiar with all aspects of Utah family law. We can guide you through each stage of the adoption process while keeping you fully informed and ensuring your rights are always protected. If the biological parent of the child you wish to adopt refuses to consent to the adoption, we can explore all options to terminate their parental rights. You can rely on us for all your adoption needs.

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Younger Children

When children are younger, and child support is a burden for the consenting parent, this can sometimes be a good alternative for the children and the parties. The consent statute associated with stepparent adoptions is found at UCA Section 78B-6-120.

You may file for a stepparent adoption if:

  • You are at least 10 years older than the child
  • You are married to the child’s custodial parent
  • You have lived with the child for at least one year

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