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A guardianship is used for a minor or an adult who is either mentally or physically incapacitated. The court will appoint a guardian to serve as a de facto parent for the minor or adult. Notice is required to be a guardian for an adult. Generally, the court will want to obtain some information about the minor or adult as to the nature and status of the incapacity.

You can apply for guardianship of:

  • Older adults who are currently, or will soon be, mentally or physically disabled.
  • Children who have reached 18 years of age, and have physical or metal disabilities.
  • Children whose parents are unfit to care for them, have abandoned them, or have died.

What Is the Guardianship Procedure in Utah?

The procedure for guardianships can be found in Utah Code Section 75-5-101, 201, and 301, as well as their subparts. Detailed information about the guardianship procedure can be found at Section 303.

In becoming the guardian of a child or an adult, you will be able to:

  • Maintain their finances and make sure their bills are paid, as well as have authority over their financial decisions.
  • Make decisions regarding end-of life-issues, expenses, healthcare, living arrangements, and education.
  • Make sure their needs are met.

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