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Family law is a complex area, and it may involve many other different areas of law. For example, in addition to divorce there may be federal tax, bankruptcy, Hague convention, relocation, child custody, competing jurisdiction, retirement account, survivor benefit, qualified domestic relations order, parent visitation, child support, alimony, or decree modification issues involved in a family law case. These are just some of the more common subject areas.

Both Utah statutes (laws passed by the Utah legislature) and Utah cases (decided by the Utah Supreme Court and Utah Court of Appeals) constitute the law in this subject area. Additionally, local judges may interpret these legal authorities differently, have a different frame of reference, and/or there may be local customs or ways of applying the law that are unique to a particular community. Therefore, it is best to hire a skilled lawyer if you have any family law needs.

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Guardianship cases involve getting the court to appoint a third party to manage an incompetent person’s affairs. There may be a conflict between prospective guardians for appointment or by the purported ward.


Adoption is a complex area. We only represent clients in stepparent adoptions. These cases can be simple if the parent relinquishing parental rights consents to adoption. Otherwise, the case will require a trial.

Protective Orders

Protective orders can be obtained by cohabitants when abuse or crimes of domestic violence take place in a residence. These orders can usually be obtained fairly quickly and easily, but there is at least one hearing before a hearing commissioner which is required to determine whether a temporary protective order should remain in place.

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