"He made my divorce a lot easier."

      When I started into the paperwork for a divorce I hadn't hired a lawyer. I was hoping that my ex-husband would just do it the easy way and sign the papers and let me go. However, I found myself having to hire a lawyer because he did. I am so grateful that I hired Ted as my lawyer. He was so helpful in helping me to understand what my rights were and what laws stood behind me. He helped me to get the alimony that my ex-husband was fighting so hard not to pay. He made my divorce a lot easier then I thought it would be and I am truly grateful for all the hard work that he did on my behalf. He listened to what I needed and he followed through with everything that we talked about. I would highly recommend him if you are seeking a great divorce lawyer. He is honest and will tell it like it is. He will stand in your court and defend you at every angle. That is what he did for me and I know that he has done that for others.

      "A competent, pleasant and trustworthy lawyer."

      Ted Weckel was my lawyer, who counseled and helped me professionally in my political asylum case before the Department of Homeland Security. Through his efforts, and by working with me, we achieved the great success of attaining political asylum in this wonderful country -- the vanguard of human rights in the world. I give my testimony and faith to you that Ted is a competent, pleasant and trustworthy lawyer.

      Janet C.
      "I hired Ted and he resolved everything in just a few weeks."

      Ted Weckel is an excellent attorney! He is kind and listens to you, yet he stands strong against the other party and doesn't allow them to push you around. I had been battling the other party for 10 months, then I hired Ted and he resolved everything in just a few weeks. I would describe him as "firm and persuasive", very smart and professional. He quickly persuaded the other party to give me a settlement for the amount I wanted so I didn't even have to go to court! He is wonderful.

      Satisfied Client
      "Hire him before your ex-spouse does."

      My wife and I have used Ted more than we would have liked to have had to use him for many years now; meaning my old divorce is probably more contentious than most. I have the type of divorce in which my new wife and I pretty much maintain him on retainer and have a good amount of experience with him. He is an excellent attorney. His writing/motions are clear and concise. When you meet with him he is conscious of your time and money and doesn't allow you to waste time talking about things that aren't legally significant to your case. He will tell you when you are wrong, which gives him more credibility when he tells you that you are right. He is second to none at examination/cross-examination of witnesses. He litigates and presents well in trial and other court hearings. He is a great appellant attorney. He does not fluster easily. He is always punctual and professional. My one piece of advice to anyone reading this would be to hire him before your ex-spouse does.

      "An awesome attorney and an even better man."

      Exceptional attorney. Mr. Weckel treated me as if I was his only client. We never met in person because I live in another state but he always made himself available to me. Anytime something happened with my case I was immediately updated and any questions I had by email were answered the same day even on weekends. He is very knowledgeable about the law and ethical in his approach. Most importantly he cared about my family and kept my daughter's safety a top priority. An awesome attorney and an even better man. I couldn't have asked for more or better service.

      Jeffery M.
      "Awesome Lawyer!"

      Ted was great to work with!

      "Always kept our options open and communicated."

      Mr. Weckel provided our legal counsel for a couple of unfair criminal charges to our family. I was so happy with his follow-up time when I had questions. Over a year's time, he kept us current on case developments, and always kept our options open and communicated. When our family decided to push forward for trial, Mr. Weckel provided constitutional options to use for our defense to bring about justice for our family. In the end, charges were dismissed so our money was well spent. I am pleased with the result in every way.

      Suzanne R.
      "Ted has an intimate familiarity with the legal system."

      Ted Weckel guided me through the most difficult legal situation that I've ever been involved in. His counsel, sensitivity to my circumstances, and preparedness made a big difference. Ted's experience was reflected in his thoroughness and intimate familiarity with the legal system. Despite facing a ferociously aggressive opposing counsel, the final settlement was equitable. I would recommend Ted Weckel without hesitation, assuring that you will be well represented and that you will know that you have a strong advocate working with you.

      Bruce G.
      "Breaks all the stereotypes of what you would expect from a lawyer."

      I would highly recommend Ted Weckel as an attorney. Ted was very personal and made sure I was taken care of and satisfied. This treatment was drastically different from my previous attorney, who would call me up and chit chat to bill me, had his paralegal or me do all the work, and charged me an exorbitant amount of money to do it. My previous lawyer paid little attention to my case, actually was reading it on the way to court, and had little to say in my defense. Ted showed me the light at the end of the tunnel by addressing me as a person, determining what was best for me, and not taking advantage of my misfortune. I found out -- to my horror -- that it is very easy for a lawyer to use a client's emotions to take advantage of the situation. it is important to find the BEST lawyer you can find -- not the most expensive one. Ted Weckel is the best lawyer that I know of, and that my family and friends know of. I am very grateful for Ted helping me through this very difficult time in my life -- divorcing my wife and gaining joint custody of my son. Ted is an honorable and trustworthy man that breaks all the stereotypes of what you would expect from a lawyer.

      Nick O.
      "The issue was resolved almost immediately."

      Ted Weckel recently negotiated a settlement for me. The other party was avoiding responsibility, refused to respond to my calls, and tried to intimidate me. So, I engaged Mr. Weckel. He listened to my concerns, was easy to talk to, and instructed me about what to do. He mediated on my behalf and the issue was resolved almost immediately. I highly recommend Ted Weckel, Attorney at Law.

      Debora C.
      "Ted was thorough and showed the utmost integrity."

      Ted Weckel represented me in a very difficult and contentious divorce with my ex-husband. Ted was honest with me and showed integrity throughout the whole process. He always took the time to consult with me on my options as we moved forward on the divorce. Even though this process dragged on due to my ex-husband changing his attorney three times, Ted was thorough and showed the utmost integrity throughout the whole process. He knew the issues well and presented our case to the Court at trial in my best interests. I was very well pleased with the outcome, and would highly recommend Ted as anyone's legal counsel.

      Linda N.
      "I am very pleased with his performance."

      Mr. Weckel is an exceptional attorney! His knowledge of the courts and the laws is vast. He treats you with courtesy and dignity that you deserve. He is willing to go the extra mile and achieve the best resolution possible for you. I recommend Mr. Weckel to anyone who has need; he will help you in ways that will pleasantly surprise you. If you are considering Ted Weckel as an advocate for you, hire him now! Mr. Weckel helped me through a highly contentious divorce that was lengthy and very challenging, to say the least. I am very pleased with his performance in court and grateful for his patience with me. Thank you, Ted!

      Richard C.
      "He stood by my side and fought."

      Ted Weckel is caring, hardworking, honest, and dedicated. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Mr. Weckel when he represented me recently. Despite what I was dealing with personally and with my financial struggles, he helped me with my situation. He listened to my concerns, answered any questions I had, and got right down to business. Mr. Weckel represented me, as long and as grueling as the day was in court. He stood by my side and fought. I can't thank Ted enough for helping me get through this battle.

      "He contacted me even when there was no news."

      This lawyer did in six months what another lawyer did not do in two years. The fact that he contacted me even when there was no news was superior. I knew where my case was at all times.

      Linda R.
      "Professionalism, compassion, wisdom, and skill."

      Ted Weckel is a person of high integrity. He handled our case with professionalism, compassion, wisdom, and skill. I will use him again for future legal needs, and highly recommend him to others seeking legal assistance.

      Satisfied Client
      "I would recommend him to anyone."

      Ted did a very good job on my case. He won it for me, even without a lot of background information. I would recommend him to anyone.

      Sally Y.
      "He is tenacious and works hard for his clients."

      I have been Ted Weckel's client for 20 years. He has helped me out and I admire his advocacy on my behalf. I endorse this attorney. He is tenacious and works hard for his clients. His fee is very reasonable.

      Satisfied Client
      "First class professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency."

      Ted Weckel is a very capable lawyer. In every way, he demonstrated first class professionalism, knowledge, and efficiency in his services during my divorce. I have two close relatives who are Utah divorce lawyers, and who have worked many divorce cases. They reviewed Ted's work for me, and concur that Ted did an outstanding job. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ted to anyone.

      Alex D.
      "He remained calm and supportive throughout all the proceedings."

      Ted is a very knowledgeable experienced attorney. My case was very difficult and lengthy. He was able to handle the challenging and stressfulness encounters of my case. He remained calm and supportive throughout all the proceedings. He gave sound advice but was willing to listen and try to see things for what they were. I have and will continue to recommend/refer him to others in need.

      "I will be forever grateful to him."

      Ted was a lifesaver for me. He picked up my divorce case that was basically a mess and I was a mess because of it. The lawyer with my ex-husband's case was a nightmare to deal with. He picked up my case with a "No Problem" type of attitude. Charged me very reasonable rates. Did not nickel and dime me for time, emails, calls, etc., basically for standard communication. He handled the other lawyer with extreme professionalism and patience even though she was a very new inexperienced lawyer he showed his colors by being patient and knowledgeable. We went at a steady pace and completed the case successfully. I will be forever grateful to him.

      Cathleen M.
      "Very creative in helping me solve my legal problems."

      Ted Weckel has served as my attorney for the past two years. He was always very creative in helping me solve my legal problems. He has always fought very hard to protect my rights as a U.S. citizen. I found him to be very knowledgeable and informative.

      Richard S.
      "The best possible outcome."

      Ted Weckel's experience and professionalism were an essential asset in solving a potentially disastrous custody issue. He handled it quickly and effectively resulting in the best possible outcome. We highly recommend his services to anyone needing family law assistance.

      Satisfied Client
      "He was genuine and upfront with me."

      Ted Weckel is an honest man, who sincerely has his client's best interest in mind. He was genuine and upfront with me in helping me resolve my case. Ted helped me see both sides of the story, and helped me to make an educated decision. I have already recommended him to many friends and associates and will continue to do so.

      Shannon D.
      "Helped prioritize the important issues."

      My daughter, in her young 20's, was trying to complete the online paperwork to file for divorce. There were marital assets and a child to consider. It was nearly impossible to work through the paperwork on our own. We originally contacted Ted as a consultant to help with the filing. As things became more difficult with the soon-to-be ex, we hired Ted to be legal counsel. Ted is a no-nonsense kind of guy. If you want to cry on someone's should and have a pity party - look elsewhere - find a therapist. If you want an attorney who will speak the truth, find reasonable settlements, and keep you on track, he is your attorney. I felt that he dealt fairly with my daughter and helped her prioritize the important issues and let go of the petty things. I truly hope that she never needs an attorney again, but if she does, we will go back to Ted.

      Satisfied Client
      "I am so very thankful and grateful that I found you."

      Mr. Ted Weckel: I just want to take a minute to thank you so very much. I am so pleased with the outcome of the divorce settlement between my ex-husband and myself. I am so very thankful and grateful that I found you. Without you, I know that I would not have received what was fair. I would, in a second, refer you to anyone that I know who needs legal counsel. And it is a comfort knowing that if I ever need an attorney, I can say that I have a really good one.

      Mae C.
      "Steadfast in personal and professional integrity."

      Ted Weckel is an incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and ethical attorney. He was a huge advocate for my father's rights custody case. He remained level-headed and spoke reason to me with care and kindness throughout my high conflict case. Ted remained steadfast in personal and professional integrity. Ted was very knowledgeable, and he made me always feel that I and my case were of importance and great worth. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case, and the many trials and tribulations Ted helped me through over the years.

      Anthony B.
      "Very personal and great attention to detail"

      Ted was very personal with my case and made sure that every detail of the case was ran by me with each step of my divorce. I had full trust in him and his advice.

      Elliot Ogden
      "Unfailingly patient with my concerns and sensitive to my situation."

      Ted Weckel is a kind, intelligent, and wise man, whose strong sense of integrity and genuine concern for his client was evident in every interaction I had with him. Throughout a very tedious and difficult divorce and child custody litigation process, Ted kept me well informed and was unfailingly patient with my concerns and sensitive to my situation. I always felt that his defense upheld my best interests and those of my child. Faced with a difficult and very aggressive opposing attorney, Ted maintained the highest standards of ethical legal practice, allowing his impressive knowledge, broad experience, and sound judgment to win the day. I felt confident and blessed that Ted was there to defend me, and I would recommend his services to others without reservation.

      Sara J.
      "Legal representation as well as friendly advice."

      I recently hired Ted as my council for family law practices. He does an outstanding job by offering both legal representation as well as friendly advice. He knows where to put forth energy, time, and effort and where not to. He's very efficient at what he does all while being very thorough in any litigation process. I would highly recommend Ted for all your legal needs.

      "Highly recommend!"

      I would highly recommend Ted Weckel to anyone dealing with divorce or custody matters.

      Catherine C.
      "Ted was a lifesaver."

      I went through a very contentious divorce and was in and out of the courtroom for one thing or another for years. My previous lawyers were ineffective and cared more about charging me money than helping me out or getting a deal that was even close to fair. When I found Ted, he was a lifesaver and helped me greatly. He is very knowledgeable and a hard worker. He fought for me and made sure that I got a fair deal. Anyone going through a divorce should choose Ted Weckel as their lawyer over anyone else.

      Eric M.
      "He did an excellent job."

      Ted was the one sane voice in an otherwise unpleasant divorce. He did an excellent job in resolving the case for me

      Steve C.